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Spring Kodak 160 - Lightroom Film Preset

Spring Kodak 160 - Lightroom Film Preset

SPRING KODAK 160  is a combination of some of my most used presets for Lightroom. 



Spring KODAK 160



Works on Sony, Canon, Panasonic and Fuji cameras.


After getting asked how I edit my photos, I was inspired to create a lightroom preset pack that is natural and film like. With this conversion preset, I went for a natural clean base where you have the latitude to add / take away contrast, sat, etc. Some conversion preset are pretty stylized and contrasty, and I found this approach to be my favorite.



It’s important to expose properly, presets are not the end all be all form of color grading, they are a base to build off of. Presets should be used as a tool not a crutch!

Every single image is slightly different in framing, color, and lighting. These presets like any presets will require slight adjustments.


$12.99 Regular Price
$4.00Sale Price
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